Maxine with Lauren Oliveros, Esq., assistant editor of LOVE IS A LEGAL AFFAIR.


The New Mexico Book Association meets every second Friday of the month at Tiny’s Restaurant (1005 S. St. Francis Dr.) for lunch and a program of interest to all authors, publishers, and persons interested in books. NMBA has closed it office for the present, but you can get answers to your questions by calling Sandi Wright, Membership Chairperson. The telephone number is 505-473-3003.

Authors Maxine Davenport and Mary Neighbour.


Here's a great gift idea for those who love my books. Lance Publishing is now packaging LOVE IS A LEGAL AFFAIR, MURDER TIMES TWO, SATURDAY MATINEE AND REBEL ON HORSEBACK  in a be-ribboned plastic-wrapped package ready to surprise your favorite friend or relative; or it may be opened and divided among several.  The good news is that you will be saving $19.40 including taxes by buying the package of four for $45.00. If you're traveling and don't have room in your suitcase, I will be happy to mail the gift to you for the additional postage. If interested,  click here,  or drop by the Farmer's Market on Tuesdays this summer, beginning May 2, where you can pick up your copy.


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LOVE IS A LEGAL AFFAIR​ is winner of the Dan Poynter Global Ebook Awards for 2016 in the category of Literary Fiction. The award was announced shortly after the book was launched at the Jean Cocteau Theatre in Santa Fe on March 6. 

The above award follows the 2014 Global Ebook Honorable Mention Award presented to Murder Times Two, announced a winner of the 2014 Global Ebook Honorable Mention Award in the category of Fiction/Mystery. All awards may be reviewed at the Dan Poynter Global Ebook Awards website. 


Mary Neighbour and I shared the stage at Jean Cocteau Theatre in downtown Santa Fe on March 6 to launch our latest books. Mary, who is also editor of my three latest books, introduced the paperback edition of her beautiful novel, Speak Right On, a fictionalized story of Dred Scott's life. My latest book of fiction, LOVE IS A LEGAL AFFAIR, is the story of attorney Carmela Jared, who is appointed by the court to represent a conservative minister against the charge of child sexual abuse. To her surprise, she finds herself engaged in the fight for LGBT rights. 

A nice crowd at the theatre was encouraging as local author Val Stasik introduced us. Mary's husband, Andrew, videotaped the program, where we read from our books and answered questions from the audience. We later autographed books in the pleasant bar and dining section of the theatre.

Enjoy the attached videos.

Andrew is a professional filmmaker whose recent short film, "Reflections Over Coffee" is an official selection and award winner at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Festival and the Los Angeles International Independent Film Festival.


I hope most of you have had the opportunity to visit Op Cit Book Store at their impressive new location in DeVargas Mall, down the hall from Starbucks. You will find my books there. Ask for SATURDAY MATINEE ($10.00), MURDER TIMES TWO ($15.00), REBEL ON HORSEBACK ($16.00), and  LOVE IS A LEGAL AFFAIR ($18.50). I have added my new Four Pack which includes all four of those books in a gift package perfect for special birthday gifts, Christmas, or just because you have a friend who loves to read. This Four Pack is priced to save you taxes (which I will pay) and gives you the same $5.00 deal I offer on Saturday Matinee if you purchase either Rebel on Horseback or Murder Times Two. Priced at $49.50, the Four Pack saves you a total of $10.64 over the single prices. I will be happy to mail books to you if you pay the postage. If Op Cit is out of any of the books you are looking for, please call me at 505-474-0979 or email at 


GOOD NEWS: Santa Fe Farmers Market opened May 2, 2017 and Homegrown Authors has added a third table which allows us to accommodate five sellers. So far, this has been our best year. We are in our fifth year at Farmers Market.  In 2012, Rosemary Zibart and I were discussing the need for outlets where local authors could sell their books. Some bookstores had ceased selling self-published books, particularly those that were  connected to Amazon. Rosemary suggested that we investigate the possibility of selling at the Santa Fe Farmers Market. Actually, she suggested that I do that research, and the result, after a meeting with the Farmers Market Board, was that we were allowed to set up a table. We tried the Saturday venue and discovered that Saturday buyers knew exactly what they had come for and were less interested in shopping for books. The noise made it impossible to converse with visitors.  On Tuesdays there are fewer buyers but they are more interested in stopping by for a chat.

While we remain independent, the New Mexico Book Association agreed to act as sponsor. We have seen an increase in book sales despite a decrease in member participation. Some authors find that they aren’t cut out to be booksellers and others love it. We’ve never had trouble filling our chairs.

Things we have learned about marketing may be of interest to members contemplating this avenue for getting their books out to the public.

We’ve learned that the standard advice to new writers to identify their audience before they start writing is good advice if their goal is to sell books. Some members stopped attending the Homegrown Authors' table because their books did not sell. The reason was not that they hadn’t written a fine book. Their audience is simply limited to readers who either do not attend the Farmers Market or who find their books at the library or on Amazon. Poetry is a good example. We have marvelous poets in Santa Fe, but for whatever reason, they haven’t been able to sell their books through this medium. The same is true for many other subjects. However, writers should not give up after one or two disappointing days. One of the most important advantages to appearing at the table is to get your name and face out to the public. It is always encouraging to a writer to have strangers say, “Oh, I’ve heard about this book"—even if they don’t buy it. Now they’ve met the author and have two reasons to remember it.

What books do sell well? Books about New Mexico and Santa Fe, children’s books, and mysteries are popular with tourists. Sandi Wright has been very successful with her children’s book SANTA FE SAM. I have discovered that many people like mystery novels, and while they come to the table to investigate that interest, they often pick up a small book of short stories to read on the airplane back home or to send back to relatives who live in Oklahoma.

The Homegrown Authors table has been very successful in advertising the NMBA by handing out flyers and discussing the services of the organization to writers who were looking for publishers, editors, book designers, critique groups, and other help with the entire book-writing and publishing process. This is a real plus for NMBA members who offer those services. Several inquirers became members. Also, many local readers say, “Oh, I’m so glad to see books at the Farmers Market.”

In conclusion, the Farmers Market is a special meeting place for writers and readers. So, y’all come . . .May 2nd and every Tuesday thereafter until the end of November. 

If you are interested, please contact me for a copy of the rules that govern the sales at Farmers Market.

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