Maxine Neely Davenport

Copyright 2016 Maxine Davenport

Welcome to my world of storytelling, which began with SATURDAY MATINEE, set in Oklahoma during the Great Depression, then moves through the sixties to MURDER TIMES TWO, when women began to fight for equal rights in the workplace and sought an equal and compatible sexual relationship with men. My third book, REBEL ON HORSEBACK, celebrates a daughter’s inheritance of the family’s land grant in northern New Mexico, which included the challenging problems with migrant workers, rustlers, an undercover agent looking for drug dealers, and a persistent suitor who challenges her single status. Finally, my fourth book, LOVE IS A LEGAL AFFAIR, introduces a woman lawyer who is drawn into New Mexico’s current religious and political battles to expose child abusers, highlighted by the Catholic Church’s practice of protecting priests from criminal charges.

I invite you to explore my site and learn more about my novels.  Please feel free to add comments or send me a message if you would like more information. Thank you.